Zodiac Party, Charlotte – Sagittarius Dec 2016 – George Michael Tribute

It was 1984. I was a Sabbath and Zeppelin head. I bobbed my head to music, I didn’t dance. I was 17. Then Wham! I don’t know why, but this song spoke to me more than any other song to get me moving. It opened my eyes. I now know there were much better songs before this, and certainly after. But THIS song opened my eyes. George Michael (and oh yeah Andrew Ridgeley) opened my eyes to MOVING to music.

Here we are over 30 years latter. I’m a DJ. I VJ (Video Jockey). I produce and promote dance events. I made my living from dance music for years. All that started with Wham and Everything She Wants.

This past Christmas I sat down to edit 360degree videos I shot at our Zodiac party in Charlotte a couple weeks ago. As I was sorting them out, I got the news– George Michael was dead. SO, in his memory, the back music and some video elements are the one song that means the most to me that George Michael did. I hope you enjoy.

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